Carlacargo trailer
The electric CARLA is an emission-free alternative to the car and sets new standards in environmentally-friendly logistics.
The CARLA inspires with a great driving experience and allows you to transport large loads quickly and comfortably.

CARLA is one of the larger bicycle trailers on the market!
Thanks to the integrated mechanical overrun brake, the transport of heavy loads is safe!
Electronic support on the CARLACARGO makes your CARLA even faster!

- Max. weight to be transported behind a bicycle: 150 kg
- Volume 1.5m3
- Max. speed 25km / hour
- overrun brake
- parking brake

Example of a build-up by Busybike on the Carlacargo:
Busybike's Instagram

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Prices incl. VAT excl. VAT
Carla Cargo trailer € 3145,00 € 2599,17
Carla Cargo e-trailer € 5190,00 € 4289,26
Carla custom color € 195,00 € 161,16
box:canvas cover/Paul Plane € 1719,00 € 1420,66
box:Max Messenger € 2735,00 € 2260,33