Urban Arrow xxl
Urban Arrow - XXL is an Urban Arrow rear frame combined with an additional extended frame.
The plateau of the front frame has a length of 131cm.

The bike is equipped with a smooth suspension in the front fork so that fruits, vegetables and other foods or packets in a decent way will arrive at your customer.
Do you want to spend a lot of volume into citycenter and also easy to pass trafic jams, then this is the right bike for your business.

This box is available with one or two sides with sliding doors.
Several options are possible, such as a shelf and roof racks.

The box is made for Euro standard (60x40cm or 30x40cm) crates.
Boxes are delivered in smooth gray polypropylene plate, very good applicable.
The frame and the handles are made of aluminum.
Damaged or worn parts can easily replaced. Nothing in the construction is riveted.
The sliding doors standard equiped with slam-lock cylinder lock.

Interior dimensions are: 124 x 61 x 86cm
External dimensions are: 130 x 67 x 92cm

Box weight: ~ 30kg
max. load: 125kg
motor system: Active Bosch engine and 400Wh battery

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Prices incl. VAT excl. VAT
BOSCH Perform. 400Wh discbrakes € 5554,00 € 4590,08
BOSCH Perf. CX 500Wh discbrakes € 6159,00 € 5090,08
Cargobox with 1 side sliding doors € 2480,00 € 2049,59
with cargobox with 2 sides sliding doors € 2900,00 € 2396,69